Friday, September 26, 2014

Southwest Louisiana has a multitude of events and attractions sure to scare you and thrill you this Halloween season.  From climbing aboard the USS Orleck's haunted ship, or partaking in the theatrical production of Macabaret, to harvest events for the children, there's something for all ages.  The Lost Hollows has a fun, Spooky Timbers trail for children and another more frightening side called the Deadly Pines trail that winds through the woods. To kick off this haunt season, below is a few questions and answers from The Lost Hollows.

1. How did the concept of The Lost Hollows come to be a reality?

Years ago, after purchasing land in Lake Charles, we considered creating a hay maze unlike anything that had ever been seen before; however, after gathering research we realized our grand hay maze would not financially support itself. During a brainstorming session about what else we might be able to offer the community, we came up with the idea of a haunted attraction. Since we didn't have a building to create a haunted house, we began researching haunted trails throughout Louisiana and Texas, attending some of the country's largest haunt conventions. After a year of extensive planning, we opened our trails in 2012.

2. Where do you find inspiration for the trails?

Much of our inspiration comes from other haunted attractions around the country. We borrow ideas from these haunts, making each concept our own by twisting them into unique visions.

3. What would you say is the scariest part of the trail?

This is always a difficult question to answer. Depending on your phobias, different parts of the Deadly Pines trail will be more terrifying than others. That being said, many people find the slaughter house and circus area the most frightening parts of the trail.

4. Will the trail have any new experiences this year? Expansions? Special Activities?

Though some sections of the trails are similar to last year's, staff members work year-round to make sure the experience is bigger and better than the previous season. This year, our major expansions on Deadly Pines can be found in the cemetery, junkyard and circus. We have also made our all-ages trail, Spooky Timbers, longer.

5. Who scares easier guys or girls?

Girls tend to scare easiest; but we have witnessed many grown men cowering behind their dates, pushing everyone out of the way as they run past in fear. We always know a good night by the amount of shoes we find along the trail left by people who were in too big a hurry to exit and too scared to turn back to retrieve them.

6. Does the trail need volunteers? If so, how would I sign up?

We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. For more information, visit the volunteer page on our website (!


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